A villa on the lake, a country cottage or an apartment in a classic style. There are certain houses that speak about the past, about warmth and comfort. In these houses, prime materials mix together to create timeless interiors and wooden windows find their natural home. Art legno interprets the beauty of wooden windows with two lines: Actual and Future, the first with a sober and traditional style, the second with a more powerful style that emphasises energy performance.

Art Legno: A Green Choice

  • Wood is one of the world's oldest and most versatile materials, long associated with warmth and elegance. The harvesting and preparation of timber requires less energy than other materials leading to lower emissions and lower consumption of electrical energy from the very start.
  • Wooden products, with proper maintenance, can last forever. Even if they are not re-cycled all wood products undergo a natural biodegradation process but, if treated with the correct products, wood can preserve its charm indefinitely.
  • Unlike materials such as glass and aluminum that, once melted, can only be reused for production purposes, wood can be reused as fuel or for the production of chipboard.
  • Art Legno selects the best wood, certified to PEFC Forest standards, thereby meeting the strictest standards of sustainability. Art Legno always demonstrates the correct maintenance procedures to its customers, ensuring that the functionality and charm of the products endures for many years.

Windows - Actual

Versatile and functional, the 'Actual' range consists of medium-high performance windows and doors, double glazed and finished with long-lasting, environmentally friendly paint... see more

Windows - Future

Future is the range dedicated to those who love solid windows, with high energy savings. Made with four layers of laminated wood and triple glazed to guarantee an excellent seal, it is the ideal solution for those who require complete thermal insulation... see more

Sliding Doors

The RS parallel sliding system is adaptable for both 'Actual' and 'Future' medium sized windows. The mobile door slides parallel to the fixed door, after moving inside on a system of trolleys or guides. They protect against intruders and different weather conditions, providing very high temperature and sound insulation... see more


The Art Legno internal and external doors are made to order, using traditional methods that allow a high degree of customization. Available in hinged, sliding and folding options, our doors are made with wood types and finishes that are coordinated with windows and interior furnishings... see more