From Art Legno, a tradional family business making wooden windows and doors, a new concept was created: Carlomagno, aluminium windows and doors: solid, natural, timeless. Carlomagno is the ideal solution for an apartment in the city, a villa by the sea or a design office. It is ideal for those who do not want to give up a window frame with a wooden structure, but who want to combine a more modern and minimal style, while freeing themselves from constant external maintenance.

Carlomagno - A Sustainable Choice

  • Wood is one of the oldest and most versatile materials, which has always been synonymous with warmth and elegance. The obtaining of this material and its preparation for production require less energy than other materials: in essence there is a lower emission of pollutants and lower fuel consumption starting from the beginning.
  • Products with a wooden supporting structure, with proper maintenance, can be considered eternal: feeding the wood with the appropriate products means retaining their charm forever and even in the case of non-recycling, they undergo a natural biodegradation process.
  • Carlomagno undertakes to select the best wood, obtained according to PEFC forest certification, therefore with stringent sustainability requirements.
  • Carlomagno undertakes to illustrate to its customers the correct operations of maintenance of the product, in order to preserve functionality and charm for a long time.

Windows Leal

Versatile and functional, the ‘Leal’ range consists of medium-high performance windows and doors, double glazed and finished with long-lasting, environmentally friendly paint... see more

Windows Linear

Linear is a triple glazed window, made of wood and aluminum, with a high energy saving three-ply glass chamber... see more

Windows Hera

Hera is a triple glazed window, made of wood and aluminum, with a high energy saving three-ply glass chamber...see more

Windows Scudo

Scudo is solidly built to achieve its purpose. The important thickness and the triple glazing are the ideal allies for your home security... see more

Sliding Doors

The RS parallel sliding system is adaptable for ‘Linear’, ‘Leal’ and ‘Hera’ medium sized windows. The mobile door slides parallel to the fixed door, after moving inside on a system of trolleys or guides. They protect against intruders and different weather c onditions, providing very high temperature and sound insulation... see more


The Carlomagno wood and alluminium doors are made to order, using traditional methods that allow a high degree of customization. Available in hinged, sliding and folding options, our doors are made with wood types and finishes that are coordinated with windows and interior furnishings... see-more